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Nov 1, 2012 6:00pm EDT
getting some praise. 9news, i should say, is the only outside crew invited when energy secretary stephen chiu came personally to thank the linemen for their efforts during super storm sandy, which that storm knocked out power to 44,000 customers. excuse me, at the height of it, far fewer than the other utilities. >> now, was this a little bit of luck and preparation? a little bit of both? one or the other? >> you know it's a combination. but i will tell you it is the same amount of preparation for the storm. whether it came, hit us hard, or didn't hit us hard. we still had to go with the same steps. still organize all the instant teams. >> even one of their critics. montgomery county council member. they tell 9news a combination of not burying the brunt of the storm and that lead to a better response. now, he says that it will go a long way for rebuilding the goodwill of pepco customers. >>> how do you think that your utility did after sandy? satisfied? frustrated? share your thoughts on our facebook page. lesli? >>> after a wild chase including explosions, the man wanted for a
Nov 2, 2012 6:00pm EDT
this weekend on "platts energy week." it airs sunday morning at 8:00 on wusa 9. >>> you don't have to work for a power company to help those hit hardest. wusa is donating a dollar to the sandy relief fund for every person who likes our facebook page. so please consider logging on and giving us a like. >>> the d.c. government is getting ready for winter at rfk stadium. the mayor joined more than 1,000 workers from the public works and transportation departments. hundreds of drivers are getting familiar with snow routes and support teams. they ran through their paces to get ready. >> it's not easy driving those trucks. i've driven one. but it's a bunch of fun. >> yeah? when it's dry or when it's wet? >> the guys that do that like to plow snow. believe me. it's not all about the money. they like to plow snow. oh, i love it, it's great. hopefully we will have some snow to plow. >> whatever makes you happy. >> garrett county is pretty much cut off. 30 inches of snow still on the ground. a lot of folks cut off from their individual communities. it's a big mess out there. for us, we'll start with
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2